Discovering Your Signature Frequency in Our Vibrational Universe!

What you do is the greatest achievement a man can do on this planet …this work and knowledge is more than science …this is the greatest blessing ever …long live dear Wayne Perry, and may God protect him!
— Ansari Aram, Bokan, Iran

"Very impressed with what you are doing!"
— Peter DuFault, Attorney, New York

"Great video! Thank you for sharing this with us."
— Cyndy Hamilton, Toronto, Canada

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— Anna Maria, Los Angeles, CA

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"Thanks for being, and doing such a marvelous job for humanity!"
— Ansari Aram, Bokan, Iran

The Sound Healing Secrets to SOUND RELATIONSHIPS!

"Amazing video!"
— Bernadette

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— Justin Breen, ST. Louis, MO

SOUND HEALING: "The 3 Types of Sound!"

Energy Medicine & Regenerative Sound

"Tantra Mantra & Chakra Toning!" with Wayne Perry

A Being of Sound Body!

Hear Wayne tell his own personal and profound sound healing story (9 minutes) to a live audience preceding his concert performance of his signature song, Heal Yourself.

Wayne Perry is a great guy ,great pesonality …In service for humanity …I have nothing but respect for this man!
— Ahmad Ansari, Teacher, Iran




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