Includes a color chakra chart with associated toning sounds.!


The Ultimate Healing Instrument

The secrets to "sound" health. A comprehensive instruction CD or tape for self-healing with sound, toning, breath, visualization & intention. Contains powerful toning exercises from Wayne's popular healing workshop, including a 15 minute toning exercise that can transform your life!

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$19.99 CD

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The Ultimate Healing Instrument: THE HUMAN VOICE

(Volume 2 in the series)

The newest instructional tape from sound healer & overtone singer, Wayne Perry reveals the 20 most powerful vocal exercises and techniques for using the human voice as a vibrational healing instrument with vocal harmonics and over toning. Learn the sacred sounding and sound healing secrets of the ancients.

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$19.99 CD

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(Volume 3 in the series)

Therapeutic techniques for using toning, sounding, visualization, and sonic meditation. Includes the 10 steps to healing pain and disease, and the healing sanctuary guided imagery meditation.

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$19.99 CD

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(Volume 4 in the series)

Exploring the principles and techniques for healing and improving the quality of human relationships, includes tantric chakra exercises for creating deeper intimacy and the 20 steps for healing emotional conflict and communication difficulties within intimate relationships.

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$19.99 CD

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Secrets 4 CD Set

All four volumes
in the
“Ultimate Healing Instrument”
series listed above are now available as a
boxed set

“The Secrets to Healing with Sound and Toning”

for a discounted price!

$64.99 - Four CD Set


Sound Therapy Tones

“The process of sound therapy triggered an emotional release that allowed me to process it easily without having it induced by a life trauma. After listening to my tone, I feel like a deep hunger has been nourished. It’s like finally getting a food you've been deprived of for a long time”

Maria Grove, Director, Touch Therapy Institute - Sherman Oaks, CA

“Listening to my tone has induced a structural shift and realignment of a spinal curvature and released the accompanying blocks relating to an incest background. As this has occurred, I've seen a noticeable increase in courage and strength to fulfill my mission”.

Joy Sanders,Owner, Kay's Nutrition - Simi Valley, CA

“When I got the right tone, I actually felt euphoric. I felt very calm and it seemed like the tone balanced my brain hemispheres. During Wayne's vocal toning work, I felt a lot of muscular release and spontaneous adjustment in my spine”.

Robert Newton, N.D. - Huntington Beach, CA

Vocal Harmonic Overtones

Set of All Organic Overtones and Vocal Harmonics in all 12 Musical Notes. Created and produced by Sound Healer Wayne Perry for Therapeutic Toning. For restoring, supporting and maintaining optimal personal frequencies and vibrational signatures for sound health.

All Sound Therapy Tones
vocal harmonic overtones are available as a 4 CD set including instruction booklet for $149.99 or individually in any note/key as digital downloads for $14.99 each.


$149.99 - Four CD Set with instruction booklet

Tone # 1 * C

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Gross circulation, muscular system, colon, elimination, reproduction, hormones, blood, immune system, self-power, self-direction, energy, sexuality, focus, grounded ness, independence, openness, enthusiasm.

Tone # 2 * C# / Db

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Circulation of digestion, tendons & ligaments, muscles, elimination, asthma, colds, testes / ovaries, sexuality, discrimination, discernment, inner security, tolerance, courage, bravery, strengthen boundaries, patience, grounded ness, self-discipline, detachment, energy, assertiveness.

Tone # 3 * D

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Digestion, liver, pancreas, gall bladder, spleen, cramps, blood sugar, self-approval, self-confidence, tolerance, self-esteem, security, courage, assertiveness, integration, connectedness, patience, emotional control, willingness to risk.

Tone # 4 * D# / Eb

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Oxygenation of digestion, respiration, colitis, ulcers, lymph, small intestine, emotional expression, mental clarity, flexibility, trust, allowance, emotional / mental integration, open-mindedness, storing & utilization of knowledge.


Tone # 5 * E

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Oxygenation, lungs, respiration, nerves, lymph, ulcers, stomach, self-discipline, self-sufficiency, strength, will power, accelerated learning, trust, enthusiasm, self-love, positive thinking, resonance.

Tone # 6 * F

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Kidneys, bladder, reduces blood pressure, insomnia, heart, thymus, decisiveness, increased motivation, compassion, authenticity, genuineness, trust, higher emotions, overall healing energy, love, openness, empathy.

Tone # 7 * F#

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Screening & filtering, insomnia, heart, thymus, responsiveness, flexibility, adaptability, patience, increased motivation, release of blockages, task completion, retention of energy, empathy, compassion, healing, love.

Tone # 8 * G

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Neurotransmitters, utilization of B vitamins, raises blood pressure, strengthen bones, relieves back pain, thyroid, skin, prioritizing physical issues, improved communication, creative self-expression, artistic talent, self-honesty, enthusiasm, reform.

Tone # 9 * G# / Ab

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Enzyme production, thyroid, laryngitis, tonsillitis, allergies, colds / sinus, relieves back pain, improved time management, higher self-esteem, commitment to ideals, improved communication, greater capacity to realize goals, tenacity.

Tone # 10 * A

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Body's rebuilding, release of toxins, immune system, improved seeing & hearing, stops bleeding, pituitary, prioritizing non-physical issues, trust, aspiration, creativity, intuition, motivation, higher intelligence, perseverance, persistence.

Tone # 11 * A# / Bb

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Body regulation, utilization of minerals, pineal gland, improved seeing & hearing, nervous system, intelligence, higher intuition, aspiration, increased self-esteem, balancing of giving & receiving, self-acceptance, decisiveness, inner awareness.

Tone # 12 * B

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Subtle circulation, body mechanics, nerves / electrical body, blood purification, immune system, pineal gland, focused attention, natural knowingness, self-empowerment, inner transformation, higher consciousness, grace, spiritual love, joy, bliss.

* denotes musical note.

Available on CD


No musical instruments, synthesizers, or tone generators were used to create Sound Therapy Tones. All the recorded tones and sounds consist of vocal harmonic overtones, created, produced and performed vocally by toning specialist and sound healer, Wayne Perry.

Each track on this recording is produced to tone and sustain one specific musical note for 15 minutes. This is designed to give the body a concentrated vibration of only that note and its harmonic overtones. These ground breaking recordings represent a powerful harmonic blending of ancient healing sound practices with the latest vibrational therapy and leading edge recording technology. This was achieved by initially recording Wayne’s voice as he toned each individual musical note, emphasizing its natural overtones. All 12 notes of the standard musical scale were recorded this way, in two different octaves, using only analog recording technology (to preserve the natural panic healing energy and the resonance of the overtones). In addition to these two recorded octaves, each note/tone in Wayne’s voice was split digitally to create another lower octave of sound for optimum brain wave entertainment. The whole process was then looped by computer to extend the pure note/tone for fifteen minutes of time.

Recent sound and energy research has shown us, through the study of human blood pressure, heart rate and brain waves, that no sound has as profound effect upon the body as the human voice. It is also believed that the most effective results gained from sound therapy, take place when a person sings or tones their own specific signature tones or notes.

Since research has also shown us that any sounds that we can make with the voice, is always based upon the sounds that we can hear, the first step is to listen to our own personal sounds. Then after we have trained our ear and body to listen, we can eventually begin learning to make the necessary sounds to facilitate our natural self-healing process. This is toning for sound health.

Sound Therapy Tones by Wayne Perry and The Sound Therapy Center of Los Angeles are designed and created to support your body’s own self-healing process by entraining the brain waves and vibrationally restoring the weakened, or missing notes and tones that your body may need for optimum health. These recordings also offer an ideal medium for toning and releasing specific pitches and sounds. And they are safe for use with children and pets.

How to Select

  1. Read the physical & emotional healing correlates for each of the twelve musical notes on the Healing Chart for Sound Therapy, or the Sound Therapy Tones flyer. Note the corresponding CD # and select the CD that supports the areas you want to heal and strengthen.
  2. Find the astrological correlates to your birthday on the Healing Chart for Sound Therapy, or the Sound Therapy Tones flyer and note the CD track # and musical note. Then count 6 notes to the right or left ( on healing chart ), or 6 notes up or down (on flyer) to find your reciprocal energy note. These 2 notes represent your left and right brain hemispheres, male/female energy, Yin/Yang, positive/negative polarities etc. They also represent your body's polarity frequencies for balance and integration through brain wave entertainment.
  3. Utilize applied kinesiology, muscle testing, and/or dowsing, to ask your body on a subconscious level which notes/ CD's it needs. Focus your attention on each individual note and proceed through all 12 in this manner until you've identified your personal body needs.
  4. Consult a qualified sound therapist for a personal voice analysis and assessment to determine your vibrational signature tones. Then note the specific frequencies in musical notes to determine which ones are weak or deficient. Select the Sound Therapy tones that support your needs.

All tones/tracks are 15 minutes in length and are designed for easy use.

If any pain, or health problems persist, please consult your sound therapist, doctor, or medical professional. This technology is not meant to be a substitute for any needed medical treatment, or prescribed medicine.


  1. Listen to one tone (15 minutes total) once a day, or more if desired.
  2. A good quality stereo system, a boom-box with extra bass speakers, or stereo headphones are preferable for listening.
  3. You may just listen to your Sound Therapy tones, but for optimum benefits, use your voice to tone in pitch with your tone while listening.
  4. If a tone sounds less invigorating, or less pleasant after repeated listening, the tones may no longer be needed and listening may be discontinued for a time.
  5. A personal voice assessment / analysis with a qualified sound therapist is recommended approximately every 8 weeks to ascertain the best personalized tones for optimum effectiveness. Once personal harmonic integration and balance is achieved and maintained, a diagnostic voice assessment / analysis once or twice a year is usually sufficient for maintenance and "tuning up"
  6. Sound Therapy Tones are safe for use with children and pets.

September 15 worldwide interview with Bradley Quick.

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The secret is out...
The Complete Guide to Healing with the Human Voice

Fourth Printing

Explore the natural overtones and harmonics within the human voice and develop its innate therapeutic capabilities. Learn how to transform your health, relationships and spiritual awareness with this practical and complete handbook to vocal mastery, sound healing and transformation.

Key Highlights Include:

  • Beginning to advanced vocal toning techniques
  • A diverse and entertaining assortment of vocal over toning exercises
  • Physical and emotional pain release
  • How to discover and use your own signature vibration for enhanced wellness
  • Improve relationships with sound therapy compatibility tuning
  • Sonic meditation and chakra toning, clearing and balancing
  • Explore a vast array of sound healing principles, secrets and useful tips — including 48 empowering exercises.

Praise for Sound Medicine:

The ultimate guide for developing and expressing your true voice.

“A well researched and comprehensive manual filled with easy to learn exercises designed for anyone who uses their voice. Wayne reveals a hidden treasure sitting right under our noses!”

--- John Gray, Author,
Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus

“For years, Wayne Perry has been an outstanding advocate of Sound Therapy, This book compiles the best of the best information dealing with harmonics and attunement. We all seek to be in harmony, first with ourselves, and then with the world around us. Wayne's brilliant work, as reflected in this book, truly helps us find and radiate our inner harmony.”

--- Dannion Brinkley, Author,
Saved by the Light

“We all need to bring forth what is within us to heal and find the rhythmn appropriate to our unique life. Wayne Perry can guide you on your path to healing and true self-expression.”

--- Bernie Siegel, M.D., Author of
Help Me To Heal, and 365 Prescriptions for the Soul

“A thorough and comprehensive guide to using the human voice as an instrument for transformation and healing, Highly Recommended!”

--- Jonathan Goldman
Author of Healing Sounds

$21.99 Book


WAYNE PERRY — OVERTONING: A Formula for Healing with Sound and the Human Voice

A comprehensive and groundbreaking 3 hour workshop describing and demonstrating key healing and toning principles, exercises and techniques.

$39.99 DVD


Remember The Future

The NEWEST MUSIC release from internationally renowned sound healer & overtone singer Wayne Perry.

"We go back a long way / To a life we left behind, / When you touched me with your spirit, / And I kept you on my mind. / We go back a long way, / Now, we can make love last, / Just remember the future, / And we can heal the past." / - Wayne Perry

FREE sample portions of a few tracks below:

$18.99 CD

Download the Full Digital Album

Remember the Future (Full Digital Album)


Download Digital Tracks

01. The Promise

FREE (included with Track 2)

02. Home Suite...Home

$3.00 (includes Track 1)

03. Childlike Faith in Childhood's End


04. Remember The Future

$2.00 (includes Track 5)

05. The Optimysticrystal

FREE (included with Track 4)

06. Magic Memory

$2.00 (includes Track 7)

07. Wizard of Aahs and Oohs

FREE (included with Track 6)

08. Love You !

$1.00 (includes Track 9)

09. Disguise the Limit

FREE (included with Track 8)

10. We Go Back A Long Way

$2.00 (includes Track 11)

11. Oneness

FREE (included with Track 10)


In Chantment

Sound healing chants, songs, rhythms and toning to energize the body, strengthen the immune system and balance/align the chakras.

FREE sample portions of a few tracks below:

$18.99 CD

Download the Full Digital Album

In Chantment (Full Digital Album)


Download Digital Tracks

01. Before The Beginning.......

FREE (included with Track 2 & 3)

02. In The Beginning Was The Tone

FREE (included with Track 1 & 3)

03. Tantralizing

$1.00 (includes Track 1 & 2)

04. The Chakra Chant


05. Caressonance


06. The Cosmic Dance Of The Fairies In The Chanted Forest


07. Heal Yourself


08. Listening In Tongues

FREE (included with Track 9 & 10)

09. Tantra Mantra

$2.00 (includes Track 8 & 10)

10. Allone

FREE (included with Track 8 & 9)

11. Sacredance

FREE (included with Track 12)

12. Mysticadence

$2.00 (includes Track 11)

13. Praying Attention In The Temples Of Skin


14. The Positive Attitude Non-Judgmental Unconditionally Loving No Victim Uplift


15. Nada Par Brahma


16. Ride The Current Home

$1.00 (includes Track 17)

17. After The End...

FREE (included with Track 16)


The Cosmichoir

The initial ground breaking recording of Wayne's vocal harmonics & overtones. Composed in 12 pieces in all 12 musical keys for optimal sound healing.

$18.99 CD

FREE sample portions of a few tracks below:

Download the Full Digital Album

The Cosmichoir (Full Digital Album)


Download Digital Tracks

01. Researching C


02. Recognizing C#


03. Risking D


04. Revealing Eb


05. Resonating E


06. Resolving F


07. Releasing F#


08. Reforming G


09. Realizing Ab


10. Reaping A


11. Raising Bb


12. Rejoicing B



Tantra Mantra

The Tantra Mantra Sweet




A sonic Inter-dimensional journey through the many energy centers and universe wiithin the human body using only the channeled sounds, tones and harmonics of the male and female vocal instrument as vehicle...

Alternately, or Simultaneously Including... In Chant Man Meets Womantra... Heartouch... Freeling... Mystic Murmurs... Come Passion... Primal Pulse... Rhythm & Hues... In Chanted and Tantralized... Near Breath Experience... Vortex of Voices... Siren Spiral of Endless Tones... Surrealization... Dissonant Harmony... Sir Renders to Miss Takes... Heaven & Mirth... Innertaining Under the Overtoning... Ancient Ankh... Old ones, Bold ones and Sold Ones... Frequent See... Vie Bray Shone... Across the Uni-Verse... Healing and Shealing... Divine Creative Soulorgasm... Sacred Release... Cosmic In Tuition... Nurturing Unconditional Love... Ceaseless Celestial Echoes of Infinite Resonance... Pure Sighlence... Perfect Peace... Oneness... Always... All ways

FREE sample portion of Tantra Mantra Sweet below:

Download the Full Digital Album

Tantra Mantra


laminated texts


Instructional Laminated Texts

by Wayne Perry
  • Correlative Healing Chart for Sound Therapy
  • Highlights the correlation between the 12 musical notes and their associated colors, physical & emotional body points, elements, chakras, astrology signs & more.


  • Sound Relationships
  • The 20 steps for healing pain & conflict in human relationships.


  • Heal Yourself
  • Insightful & inspirational words for self-healing and personal empowerment.




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